Past Chapter Meetings

5/24/2017"13th Annual Golf Outing"Quail Ridge Golf Club, Ada, MI
5/11/2017"OSHA's New Silica Dust/Fume Standards"Tammy Clark - Tammy Clark Companies LLC
5/6/2017"ACI West Michigan Chapter 4th Annual Spring Sport Shoot"Blendon Pines, Zeeland
4/6/2017"Deicer Induced Distress in Concrete Pavements"Larry Sutter - Michigan Tech. University
3/7/2017Remote Data Access for Structural Monitoring During ConstructionJohn Gnaedinger - Engineering Services Director, Con-Cure, LLC
1/6/2017Christmas PartyThe Waldron Public House
12/21/2016Maintaining Concrete Performance in Cold WeatherNick Popoff - Manager of US Technical Services Department
11/10/2016Concrete TestingAlf Gardiner - Braun Intertec Corp.
10/6/20164th Annual Fall Clay Sport ShootBlendon Pines - Zeeland
9/22/2016New "ACI Repair Code"Robert Howell - ACI Professional Development Program Engineer
5/7/20163rd Annual Spring Clay Sport ShootBlendon Pines, Zeeland, MI
4/27/2016Concrete CrackingJerzy Zemajtis
3/24/2016Engineer Panel Discussion on Structural ConcreteRalph DenHartigh - JDH Engineering and Dave Stek - URS/AECOM
2/22/2016Trends in Decorative ConcreteTodd Scharich
2/22/2016Workplace DevelopmentHeather Smith
1/8/2016Christmas PartyMcFaden's
12/10/2015Cold Weather ConcretingDave Olson - Euclid Chemical
10/22/20153rd Annual Fall Clay
Sport Shoot
Blendon Pines - Zeeland
10/9/2015FF/FL Floor Profile SystemsAllan Face – The Allen Face Companies
9/17/2015Avoid or Negotiate Construction DisputesWard Malisch
5/2/20153rd Annual Spring Clay Sport ShootBlendon Pines – Zeeland
4/30/2015Refresher Class on “F-Numbers”Allen Face – The Allen Face Companies
3/19/2015Cement & Aggregate Supply Challenges & ForecastRay McVeigh – Portland Cement Assoc.Mike Newman – MI Aggregate Assoc.
1/9/2015Christmas PartyMcFaden’s
11/3/2014Getting The Most From Your Decorative ConcreteRich Cofoid – Senior Marketing Manager Increte Systems
10/23/20142rd Annual Fall Clay Sport ShootBlendon Pines – Zeeland
9/11/2014Remote Access Temperature & Concrete Maturity SolutionsJohn Manilla – Wake Inc.
6/18/2014Parking Lot Concrete OverlayDutton United Reformed Church
5/21/2014Golf Outing at Boulder Creek Golf Club10th Annual Outing
5/3/20142nd Annual Spring Clay Sport ShootBlendon Pines – Zeeland
3/20/2014Understanding the Windows of FinishabilityDr. Kim Basham
2/6/2014Self-drying ConcreteDr. Kevin MacDonald Ph.D.,P.E., FACI President, Beton Consulting Engineers
1/9/2014Polished ConcreteDavid Stephenson – Polished Consultants of Dallas
12/6/2013Christmas PartyThe B.O.B.
10/21/13Testing ConcreteDave Hollingsworth – MCA, Alf Gardiner – Braun Intretec
9/19/13Case Study Library Lane Parking, Ann ArborGail Vasonis & Joshus Rozeboom -Carl Walker
5/22/13Golf Outing at Boulder Creek Golf Club9th Annual Outing
5/4/131st Annual Spring Clay Sport ShootBlendon Pines - Zeeland
3/21/13Concrete JointingKerry Sutton – MCA
2/21/13Solving Moisture In ConcretePaul Sikora – ConTech Sales Group
1/17/13Synthetic & Steel FibersDavid Olsen – Euclid Chemical
11/30/12Christmas PartyMcFaden’s
9/20/12Voided Slab SystemTony Johnson CRSI
5/23/12Golf Outing at Boulder Creek Golf Club8th Annual Outing
4/19/12Kerkstra Precast Plant TourBruce Hopkins & Scott Woodard
3/15/12Funding of State Highway Work 2012Kirk Steudle, MDOT
2/16/12Pervious ConcreteAaron Harris – Michigan Concrete Assoc.
1/19/12Vibrating ConcreteJerry Ford, Retired
12/2/11Christmas PartyMcFaden’s
10/20/11Self-Consolidating Concrete (SCC/Green-Build)Joe Daczko (BASF)
9/22/11Alkali-Silica ReactionAlf Gardner, Braun Intertec
5/25/11Golf Outing at Boulder Creek Golf Club7th Annual Outing
4/21/11Type K CementEd Russell, CTS Cement
3/24/11American Disabilities Act (ADA)Rob Winkline, Engineering Plastics
2/17/11Modern Curing & Sealing TechniquesWarren McPherson, Euclid Chemical
12/14/10Christmas PartyMcFaden’s
10/19/10Design & Construction of the Trump TowerJeremy Kirk, PE, SE – Skidmore, Owings & Mirrill LLP
9/23/10Yiffahel: The Worlds Oldest ConcreteHoward Kanare – CTL – Chicago, IL
5/24/10Golf Outing at Boulder Creek Golf Club6th Annual Outing
5/25/105 Post Tension Projects In MichiganDarrell R. Parks – D.R. Parks, LLC
2/23/10Look Back, Where We Are & Gaze Into The FutureKirk Steudle – Michigan Department of Transportation
1/21/106 Million Gal. Concrete Tank – ACI 350 ConstructionD. Vos & R. Davis – FTC&H, P. Elzinga – Grand River
12/1/09Christmas Party – Casino NightBoulder Creek Country Club
11/16/09Construction of Dubai TowerLawrence C. Novak – Portland Cement Association
10/22/09Trouble Shooting Winter Concrete (Plainwell, MI)Nick Popoff – St. Mary’s Cement
9/17/09Moisture Sensitive Flooring (Round Table Discussion)L. Maycroft, B. McFarlane, B. Iverson, D. Clements
5/18/09Golf Outing at Boulder Creek Golf Club5th Annual Outing
4/23/09Concrete Parking Lots, overlaysAaron Harris – MCA held in Cadillac
2/19/09Resurfacing Project at BristolMike Schneider of Baker Concrete
1/22/09Conc. Repair & How It Relates To Concrete ConstructionAndrew Vidor, Walker Restoration Consultants
12/2/08Christmas PartyGrand Rapids Art Museum
10/23/08Decorative ConcreteTodd Scharich – held in Plainwell
9/24/08LEEDEarl Eddy, E&V & Mark VanKleunen, Holcim
5/20/08Golf Outing at Boulder Creek Golf Club4th Annual Outhing
4/17/08Concrete DurabilityMichelle Wilson, Portland Cement
3/26/08Alkali Silica ReactionAlfred Gardiner, Holcim
2/28/08MDOT – Looking ForwardRoger Safford, MDOT
1/31/08Vapor Barriers – Nuisance or NecessityJeremey Clark, Stego Industries
12/4/07Christmas PartyB.O.B.
11/1/07Fiber Reinforced ConcreteLarry Iaani, Propex
10/4/07Post Tension Concrete – RiverhouseTim Den Hartigh, URS
5/22/07Golf Outing at Boulder Creek Golf Club3rd Annual Outing
5/10/07Technology Advances in Concrete MaturityRichard Yesh, Wake, Inc.
3/29/07Safety on the Job SiteChuck Van Vliet – Kent Co. & Paul Rozich – Rockford Co
3/1/07The P2P InitiativeLionel Lemay, PE, National Ready Mix
12/6/06Christmas PartyB.O.B.
10/19/06How to Specify, Produce and Measure Performance ConcPaul Tourney, P.E., Tourney Consulting Group
9/21/06Pervious Concrete as a Stormwater BMPRich Gardner, IN Ready Mixed Conc Assoc
5/23/06Golf Outing at Boulder Creek Golf Club2nd Annual Outing
4/13/06Solving Construction DisputesWard Malish, ACI
3/23/06Basics of Stamped Decorative ConcreteJay Dye, Increte Systems Concrete
2/23/06High Performance Concrete Floor DesignWarren McPherson, Euclid Chemical
1/5/06Cold Weather ConcretePhil Smith, L&M Construction Chemical
12/6/05Christmas PartyB.O.B.
10/20/05Dry Shake Floor HardenersCharles Holl, Dayton Superior
9/7/05Understanding & Preventing Moisture Related ProblemsWard Malish, ACI
5/24/05Golf Outing at Boulder Creek Golf Club1st Annual Outing
4/21/05Con/Steel Tilt-up SystemsRobert Foley, Con/Steel
3/24/05Redi-Mix Design Developments & RegulationsJerry Ford, GC
2/3/05Self Consolidating ConcreteJoseph Daczko, Degussa
11/4/04Myths & Misconceptions about Chemical HardenersPhilip Smith, L&M Construction Chemicals
11/30/04Christmas PartyFrederik Meijer Gardens
9/23/04Higher Performance Concrete with Slag CementEd Mestancik, Slag Cement Assoc
5/1/04Berlin RacewayCancelled due to rain
4/22/04Rebuilding the PentegonAllyn Kilsheimer, KCE Engineers
3/25/04Type K Expansive CementTom Barton, CTS Cement Co.
2/26/04Post TensioningDarrell Parks, D.R. Parks Co.
12/11/03Christmas PartyVan Andel Public Museum
11/11/03Pentagon Disaster on 9/11/01Scott Walters, American Petography
8/21/03Whitecap Game
4/24/03Steel Fiber ReinforcementJim Adams, Fibercon Int.
3/13/03Identification and Management of VibrationJerome Ford
1/9/03Hot & Cold Weather ConcreteScott Steiner, SME
12/5/02Christmas PartyRembrandt’s
10/2/02Architecture & Concrete to the ExtremesDavid Hertz, State of CA
8/17/02Concrete Stencils & StampingBob Rounds, L.M. Scofield
4/22/02MIOSHADick Kennedy, MIOSHA
3/7/02Understanding Concrete DeteriorationMark Postma, Carl Walker
12/8/01Christmas PartyGrand Rapids Art Museum
10/25/01Cold Weather ConcreteRick Melnechuk, Master Builders
8/9/01Low Shrinkage ConcreteLawrence Kaiser, Grace Construction
5/4/01Tour of Holnam Plant, Dundee, Michigan
3/29/01Construction of Devries Hall, Calvin CollegeLeonard DeRooy
12/7/00Christmas PartyFrederik Meijer Gardens
8/11/00Construction of Soaring Eagle, Mt. PleasantBob Hill, AIA