Article II – Members

Section 1.

The Chapter shall consist of Honorary Members, Distinguished Chapter Members, Contributing Members, Organizational Members, Members, Affilitate Chapter Members and Student Members.

Section 2.

Chapter membership in any classification except Distinguished Chapter Members and Affiliate Chapter Members shall be of the same classification as their Institute membership. Honorary Members of the American Concrete Institute shall be Honorary Members of the Chapter if their permanent address of record at Institute Headquarters is in the area described in Section 3. The Chapter may recognize and honor eminent Chapter members by conferring upon them membership in the special individual category of Distinguished Chapter Members. Distinguished Chapter Members shall be individuals, not current officers, who have made exceptional contributions in connection with the objectives of the Chapter and the American Concrete Institute. Distinguished Chapter Members shall be selected by the Board of Direction of the Chapter. They shall be exempt from Chapter dues but shall not be exempt from ACI dues. Affiliate Chapter Members are not to be members in any classification in the American Concrete Institute and shall be members of the Chapter only.

Section 3.

Only those members of the Chapter whose permanent address of record at Institute Headquarters is in the State of Michigan, or who have specifically requested this Chapter for their official affiliation shall be permitted to vote or hold office in the Chapter. An ACI member can belong to any number of Chapters but can specify only one official Chapter for voting and holding office and need only specify it if his official affiliation is other than the Chapter in his residence area. Affiliate Chapter Members may actively participate in local Chapter affairs except that they may not hold office within the Chapter nor vote on propositions before the international membership. Junior Members and Student Members shall neither vote nor hold office in the Chapter.

Section 4.

Applications for and resignations from membership and requests for change of representatives of Contribution or organizational Members shall be presented in writing to the Secretary.